The DICE Initiative
Collaborate. Act. Improve.


Young leaders collaborating and acting to improve our communities.

Our Beliefs

We believe that we can do more good in our communities and in this world as a team than we can individually.

We believe that it is important to do good work, regardless of who gets the credit.

We believe that diversity of thought and experience, together with a unity of purpose, creates a foundation to produce the best solutions.

We believe that we have the responsibility and the opportunity to maximize the good we do by working together.


The Five Pillars - How we get it done!

Relationship: At the heart of this team is the idea that we are better together than we are alone. Internally, it is important that we get to know each other, what we are passionate about, and how we are pursuing that passion. We are here to foster trust and understanding through communication and collaboration between young leaders.

Leadership: Iron sharpens iron. We are young leaders and by working together we will strengthen each other. We also seek out experienced leaders who can provide mentorship to individual young leaders and our team. Rather than go into various communities at random, we want to take a strategic approach and connect with the young leaders there to give them tools and support to continue their good work.

Social Incubator: We share ideas, generate more ideas, and work to implement those ideas. In the same way that there are incubators that help develop ideas and companies in the tech industry, we must develop ideas, events, and organizations that are focused on improving our society.

Education: Not just in the traditional education system, we must seek to continuously learn and improve, and encourage the next generation to do the same. “If your plan is for one year, plant rice. If your plan is for ten years, grow trees. If your plan is for 100 years, educate children.”- Confucius. We must make the cognitive decision to teach our children that we are better together than we are separated. In this way, we can reshape the next 100 years for good.

Community: Celebrate leaders who are taking positive action and collaborating within and between communities, and encourage others to do the same.

"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'" - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 
"Authentic conversations lead to genuine relationships. And genuine relationships enable meaningful collaboration."
David A. Brown-Dawson



Let's Chat.

We are excited to learn more about your passions, what you are working on, and how we can help. Use the form below to contact us regarding your ideas and actions. Please be as detailed as possible. If you have a specific area of concern you would like us to address, please identify. To help us best address your area for improvement, we recommend that you first describe the issue, describe what you want to achieve, and identify what has been done so far. You may also email us to make an appointment.

If know of someone who is brilliant, hard-working, and caring, we would love to learn more about them. And if that describes you, we look forward to hearing from you. For job opportunities, please email us your resume. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead our team in uncharted fields of action.

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